Aspen QuikDraw PRO Back Brace for Lumbar Support

Feeling constant back pain for quite a long time?

Don’t know the solution yet?

Well, the solution lies here; the back support brace. (To be precise, the aspen back brace review)

A back support brace can help you overcome the back pain resulting from either surgical operation or due to your daily activities.

When suffering from back pain, using back support braces is among the remedies. However, it only remains a challenge on how to choose the best back support brace.

You are required to do extensive research to select something that will help you. But hey, extensive research requires time and that time is what most of us lack.

No worries! We simplify your research and save your time by bringing to the best back support brace.

Aspen Back Brace Review

If you are experiencing back pain due to certain physical activity or any post medical surgery, maybe here is some good news!

The aspen quickdraw pro back brace offers back support by facilitating powerful compression required for instant and direct pain relief.

It combines a rigid anterior panel and a pain-relieving corset that results to adjustable abdominal compression. This will facilitate supreme spinal stabilization.

The brace comes with two pull cords that can be applied to regulate tightening of the top and lower portions of the pulley system.

This helps provide more personalized upper and lower lumbar support.

If you are a patient with limited hand strength, this support brace is for you. You can easily set the required level of compression using the drawstring mechanism.

Now, below read about some of the features that make it worth buying;

Beautiful Over or Under the Clothing

The aspen quikdraw pro back brace can be worn under or over your clothing. You won’t have visible shapes or lines showing over the outfit.

It is designed to accommodate a range of waist circumferences of between 21 to 57 inches.

Convenience for Patients

It comes with an optional extension panel that can be applied to add up to 8 inches of more waist circumference for bariatric-sized patients.

Also, it partakes a posterior pocket where you can put an extra cold pack. This is a great inclusion that can contribute to soothing required for back pain relief.

Removable Anterior Panel

The removable anterior panel that available in three different sizes gives enhanced stability and ensures even pressure distribution.

This marks it ideal for patients suffering from chronic low back pain that requires the higher level of support than what an ordinary lumbar corset can give.

It is Medical Grade

The aspen quikdraw pro is a medical grade back brace ideal for men and women.

With this brace, overlapping is acceptable, and it was made from highly breathable, comfortable, and up to standards material.

The medium fits between the ranges of 31 to 37.


  • Made from high quality, long-lasting, non-elastic and washable materials. Non-elastic materials work better than elastic when it comes to relieving back pain.
  • The aspen quikdraw pro back brace provides innovative design, backed with a tightening system with dual pull-tab, superior comfort, and excellent compression that guarantees freedom of movement.
  • It is the only brace available on the market that has been tested and approved to be applied as back support.
  • Clinical studies proved that it could relieve back pain resulting either from strenuous activities or injuries.
  • It comprises materials that allow full range of movement while giving the comfortable support you need to relieve your back pain.
  • Made from technology integrated to guarantee a precise fit that ensures a compression needed for back support and back pain relief.


There have been critiques from some users that the aspen back brace slips and this makes it uncomfortable when driving or sitting. More so, the plastic part does not assume the body shape.

Concluding Thought

The aspen quikdraw pro back brace is what you should buy when you are suffering from back pains, and you have been looking for an immediate remedy.

It is created from the long-lasting material, and it is well-designed & lightweight.

This back brace will alleviate your back pain, although you have to choose the right size and follow aspen back brace instructions to get the full outcomes.

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