Difference Between Back Pain and Kidney Pain

A Detailed Study About How to Tell the Difference Between Back Pain and Kidney Pain: As you all know that every disease has its own characteristics. You should have knowledge about the disease, for example, what are its symptoms, its causes and triggers so that you can effectively take a step forward in treating the disease. People often get confused with kidney pain and back pain. When the pain is dull and aching, continuous or sudden, then it is considered as a back pain. If the pain appears in waves and cycles, then it is considered as a kidney pain. It includes symptoms like fever and urination accompanied by pain. Sometimes the symptoms of both the type of pain may be similar but causes give a difference between kidney pain and back pain.

There are many ways one can easily distinguish between kidney and back pain. Some of them are given below:

Back pain occurs due to several causes which include problems in the joints of the spinal cord, nerves and muscles. It also occurs due to inflammation or when the nerves of the lumbar region are disturbed from their roots. Other reasons behind back pain could be stress and dysfunctional family relationships. Few serious medical conditions may indicate severe back pain such as bone fracture, degenerative disk disease, spinal fracture, etc. Women tend to experience lower back pain during their pregnancy. Immediate medical attention might not require in the case of back pain.

On the other hand, Kidney pain is a type of pain which occurs above the hips as well as into the lower back, mostly to the right and left of the spine. Most of the cases, kidney stone is the main reasons behind the kidney pain. These stones block the urine flow as it creates a critical disturbance in the urethra thereby causing a severe pain which is equal to a labor pain of a woman undergoes during her pregnancy. Kidney infection or pyelonephritis can also be the reason behind kidney pain. Kidney pain give rises to vomiting, high fever and nausea. Other causes such as internal bleeding due to injury inside the kidney or cancer can also cause severe kidney pain.

· There is also a difference between kidney and back pain on the basis of their characteristics of pain. Back pain is a type of chronic pain. Their occurrence of pain is not constant and keeps on changing with the course of time.

Depending on the type, whether the pain is caused due to kidney stones or a kidney infection, they are usually termed as constant pain until they last. The pain may be a sharp one or a dull one.

Can my kidneys cause back pain?

Yes, sometimes kidneys could be the reason behind your back pain. Located on the either sides of your lower back, kidney pain could be the source because this pain tends to move towards your side and groin. As it moves, you experience a lower back pain. Kidney pain radiates to your inner thighs, groin and lower abdomen whereas back pain radiates to your buttock, calf, toes, foot and back of the thigh.

How to distinguish kidney pain from back pain on the basis of treatment?

Based on medical treatment and other procedures, you can tell the difference between kidney pain and back pain. In the case of pain caused due to kidney stones, surgery is required to be carried out if medicines do not work. To eradicate the kidney pain, proper medical treatments with antibiotics is necessary.

Back pain can be treated effectively with massage therapy, cold compression therapy, acupressure therapy, heat therapy, physical therapy, etc. Combine these therapies with proper pain relief medications in order to get rid of the painful lower back pain. You may try back braces to get reliefe from back pain.

It is necessary to consult your doctor when it comes to a kidney and/or a lower back pain. No matter what but it should never ignore the signs or symptoms of kidney and back pain because in this way you can stay away from the danger of serious and critical health issues.

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