8 Best Back Brace for Back Pain- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

I'm Krysten Ritter, a 40-year-old mom of a 16-year old kid. I started experiencing back pain at age 19 when I had a car accident. It became worse when I had my baby at age 24. Bending or lifting stuff became very painful. The doctor diagnosed that I have herniated disc.

So, I went through some medications. I was advised to remain active by exercising to support lower back stability and to improve my posture. I had to use heating pads, high-density foam rollers, electric massagers, ice gel packs, etc. I've also tried several braces, but after my long search, I find the best back brace which is most helpful and practical. When I started using back brace, the discomfort settled. Now, I've completely recovered from herniated disc. I'm still using them for my day to day life as a working mom, especially when I have to undergo strenuous activities, like regular exercise. Hope you will also find the finest back brace for your back pain after reading this review.

Best Back Braces for Back Pain

Several types of back braces that might need to wear for different purposes. I've tried a various type of back support to get rid of my back pains or when I lift heavy loads. From my practical life experiences and going through some online researches, I am going to review here a good number of products those might help you to reduce your back pain:

Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt Review

First off I don't do too vigorous weight lifting exercises because I will be at risk of injury. However, I still lift some weights. I have always been so active and use this back support belt when I go to the gym. I just can't say enough about how this belt has helped me. Fire team fit is the best for lifting.

Nonetheless, here are its benefits:


The Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt is made from the very durable material. It isn't going to tear when you do strenuous exercises. This back support belt is lightweight, yet it still offers optimal stability and back support. Its closure strap is made of Velcro. Unlike straps made of leather and built-in metal buckle holes, Velcro straps are adjustable, making them very easy to adjust and close. The heavy duty Velcro strap and its sturdy roller buckle add to its superior design.

Flexibility and Comfort

Since it's flexible, it will let you do all your exercises with ease. The padded sides also help you stay secure and comfortable. To Built an adequate back support, this belt provides you the freedom to do various exercises. This is very much ideal for exercises like overhead squats, back squats, deadlifts, powerlifting and much more.

Exercise with Confidence

This back brace promotes good form, avoids injury and maximizes your exercise performance. With its contour design, you'll feel and look your best while exercising. I love the way I so fit when using this. The Fire Team Fit Weight Belt is available in Black, Grey, Blue, and Pink.

What’s not so likeable

I've heard some people, including some of my friends, claiming that Velcro straps are uncomfortable to wear. Though I didn't particularly experience this, they probably have a basis too. Some people also say that it makes use of Polyester instead of silk.

Tommie Copper Back Brace Review

You might be wondering if I used this men's back brace. Nope. But I know why this is one of the most effective back supports. This helped my dad stand more upright. He also gets instant relief from back pains when he wears it. He's pleased with it.

Premier Fabric

Tommie Copper Men's Back Brace is 86% Nylon and 14% Spandex. We usually find nylon and spandex in different kinds of sportswear. Nylon as a synthetic material is heat resistant. Spandex is a lightweight material that retains its original form. This makes this back brace soft, smooth, and resistant to body oils and perspiration. This Tommie Copper Back Brace is perfect for exercising at the gym, or even when you go jogging.

Comfort and Support

Compression provides customized support and assists in muscle recovery. The material is also infused with copper and zinc technology that eliminates odors. It helps to support your joints and lower back muscles. The back brace is specially designed to reduce muscle stress/fatigue and to improve blood flow. It delivers reviving relief from your back pains.

Polished Design

Since Tommie Copper Back Brace stretches and conforms to your body, it can be worn under your clothing. You can wear it on your regular basis to support your back during at working. You can use it even on special occasions since it's less noticeable under your suit.


This back brace's adjustable loop strap and overlapping hook allow for a customized fit. It won't pull or pill your clothing.

What’s not so likeable

My dad had a hard time pulling it together for fastening. The size somewhat ran small. But after consistent use and wear, the initially tight fit became okay. It would probably be great if it's been made longer, like 4' or so. But overall, it's pretty functional and neat.

Genuine Leather Pro Weight lifting Belt for Men and Women

A weightlifting belt is critical in preventing injuries and improving stability. It doesn't only ensure safety, but it also prevents pressure on your body while having exercises. Here are some benefits you can get with the Genuine Leather Pro Weigh Lifting Belt.


The Genuine Leather Pro Weightlifting Belt isn't bulky on your waist. It also won't dig into your hips or sides. It has a heavy-duty metal buckle and several adjustment holes for your perfect fit. Easy to wear and take off.


This leather weightlifting belt looks heavy, but actually, it's lightweight. At just 1.5 Lbs., it can be rolled up easily and stacked in your gym bag not taking up a big space. Such great size for easy storage.

Great Support

Its height is 4" across its length and its thickness is 5mm. This belt ensures even stabilization on your back, abs and your entire core for added strength and power.

Lifetime Replacement

The brand guarantees satisfaction. They will give you a new one if your leather weightlifting belt ever breaks.

What’s not so likeable

The leather quality is good and the belt construction is also superb. But one of the major problems of this product is that it is flimsy thin. If it were a bit thicker in width, it would be a lot better as support. It somewhat stretches when it's supposed to be stiff. Elasticity is not exactly an attribute of a good lifting belt. Perhaps if you just do Cross Fit, this will be okay. But if you're doing powerlifting, heavy squats, and deadlifts, its thin structure might not be something you'd love.

Aspen QuikDraw PRO Medical Grade Back Brace for Lower Back Pain Relief

Aspen is recognized as one of the modern back brace manufacturers in the world. The Aspen QuikDraw PRO Medical Grade Back Brace is, in fact, the only lumbar back brace in the market that has a published clinical research and proof of effectiveness. This medical grade back support helped me ease my low back strains when I was in my 30's. Here are some advantages of using this medical grade back brace.

Innovative Design and Comport

Like what other braces are for, the Mueller Adjustable Back Brace with Lumbar Pad helps the wearer relieve pain from injuries due to strenuous activities. It's particularly effective in increasing lumbar compression, reinforcing the lumbar region, decreasing, anti-inflammatory medications, reducing pain symptoms, and promoting good posture. It has many notable features and perks worth mentioning:

Double Layer Design Strapping

This brace's strapping has double layer design which enables a customized fit. It brings users an adjustable compression to their abdomen and lower back, thus relieving injuries from strenuous exercising. I find this feature pretty neat.

Stainless Steel Support

The stainless steel support brings you compression of the lower back for extra spinal stability and strong support.

Helps With the Pain

It's rather hard to find a product that really offers support, recovery, and pain soothe. It's one of the products I've used a lot because it just works, especially in minimizing the pain caused by my herniated disc. I also have a friend with sciatica issues, and this has also been his sciatica back brace.


The item has breathable fabric for the user’s all-day comfort. It’s also designed to fit all waist sizes, making it a really flexible choice. The lumbar pad cushion is removable, unlike most braces I’ve tried. It also has an internal molded plastic component that gets rid of bunching and rolling. Plus, it has custom fit with dual, external elastic tension straps. Score!

What's not so likeable

Putting the brace on is not super quick and easy. It covers your whole stomach, so your breathing might be rather affected. Some people also find more of a compression wrap than an actual brace. But for me, it's remarkably functional and practical.

AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt 

Lumback is not only the body part that requires stabilization and support, but shoulders also could get into trouble. I have this issue too after sitting all day at work. And I believe that everyone should need this support belt who are going through this type of sufferings. Having a shoulder strap is certainly handy regarding relieving pain. AidBrace Support Belt is a good choice as they offer a superior shoulder strap that just works wonders. Your back pain can also be naturally relieved, and your body posture is somewhat corrected. I think this the best back brace for herniated disc.

Unisex Design

It has this unisex design which makes it perfect for men and women. Apparently, some braces are just exclusively for men or women, but the design for this one is nicely for both.

Back Breathable Mesh and Six Stability Bars

This back brace has a breathable mesh with six stability bars which make it flexible and functional. This adds to the support value it brings.

Comfortable and Adjustable Design

Its main strap is just plain and right over its main straps is the Velcro strap that adjusts tension compression. The shoulder straps are clutched into the central back brace and wrapped right around the shoulder. It's very easy to put on and remove.

Various Sizes

AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt comes in multiple sizes, so you wouldn't have trouble choosing the size that suits you best. It's not ideal to buy a brace with free size since if you find the finishing inadequate for a petite user, the long strap could hang loose and rub the wrong direction. This is a good deal.

Breathable Meshed Brace

Since the meshed brace is just breathable, the air flows in and out, avoiding excess odor and sweat. I also make sure to buy products with a breathable feature. I don't like my brace causing absorbing a lot moist.

What's not so likeable

First, it's a bit expensive than other brands. Second, the velcro that holds it around is not so sturdy.

Best Lumbar Support Back Brace: BraceUP Stabilizing Back Brace and Support Belt

This is another recommended back brace. It doesn't restrict your movement and provide good support. I think this the best lumber support back brace for lower back. The BraceUP Lower Back Brace does its job well with its enticing features:

Dual Adjusting Velc​ro Strap

Adjustability is not a problem at all due to its dual adjusting velcro strap. All you have to do is take the brace and wrap it around your waist. Tighten it until you feel much tension.

Breathable Meshed Main strap

Sweating, unpleasant odor, and irritation are eliminated because of the meshed main strap's breathable nature. Thumbs up!

Great Support

8 stays are strategically embedded right into the brace, so you wouldn't feel it while keeping the extra support intact. Fostering a better posture and bringing great support are well met by BraceUP Lower Back Brace.

Eases Pain Well

After wearing this support belt, you'll surely notice the pain going away. There were times when I forgot wearing brace and support, and when I put BraceUp on, I can feel the difference. It does ease the pain, and that's worth a clap.

Comes in 3 Sizes

The standard sizes are small, medium and large. They don't have enough variation in sizes, but the 3 versions just work fine.

What’s not so likeable

The problem with the BraceUP Lower Back Brace is that its mesh strap is a bit thick, which I don't personally like since I want something as lightweight and airy as possible. However, if your doctor recommends a thicker brace, this can be your choice.

Sacroiliac Hip Belt: Bauerfeind Sacroloc Back Support Reviews

If you have problems with your pelvis and the sacroiliac joint, the Bauerfeind Sacroloc Back Support can really save the day. 25% of all back pain cases in the lumbar region counted as Sacroiliac joint dysfunction. It can cause immense discomfort and suffering. If you are maintaining an active lifestyle, you have every reason to use the best quality back braces like the Bauerfeind Sacroloc Back Support.

Great  Support

If you have conditions like Sacroiliac (SI) joint syndrome, SI joint instability, SI joint arthrosis, SI joint blockage, Pelvic ring instability, Myalgia and tendinopathy in the pelvic region, Structural disturbance following lumbar spinal fusion, this brace is a decent choice. It is the best back brace for sacroiliac joint dysfunctions.

Targeted Effect in the Lumbar Region

The item has a combination of non-elastic and elastic knit that relieves and stabilizes pressure on the lumbar zone. It also has a 2-part viscoelastic cushion pad on the back that targets the pain spots thoroughly. The circulation triggered by the massage enables the relief of cramps and the release of tension. It covers the muscle, ligaments, tendon in the pelvis and lower back during movement.

Comfortable and Customizable

The amount of gentle pressure of the tension straps can be adjusted, leading to a customized and comfortable experience. Another thing that makes it convenient is the way SacroLoc's anatomical shape conforms to the user's body shape, so it goes unnoticeable under clothing. The materials used are also soft and breathable.

For getting an ultimate relief from sacroiliac joint pain, Serola Sacroiliac Hip Belt is another great option you may consider to review.

What’s not so likeable

For me, there's no question about the support, but the velcro belt of mine easily got a bit torn. I don't know if it was me or the product itself, but I've used a lot of braces, and they didn't bear off that easily. However, it's a good back and hip support in general.

Things to Consider when Buying a Back Brace

When choosing back braces, it's important to find the right size that's perfect for your lower back. There are some braces those have adjustable posterior support and adjustable fit. The back braces comfortably cover your tailbone and lower back. Also make sure that you can stand in a neutral position. The brace should not be too loose or too snug otherwise it will only prolong your healing process and possibly increase your pain. Choosing the right back brace is crucial for maintaining a pain-free active life.

Who Needs and Who Needs Not to Wear Back Braces

Through a proper diagnosis or consult with a physical therapist you could realize whether you need to use back braces or not. To know more in detail, please take a look at this buying guide.

Benefits for Using Back Braces:

Here are some of the benefits of using back braces:

  • Restricted movement allows healing process on certain back injuries.
  • During the post-surgery period, braces are helpful for the stabilization of the spine.
  • Braces can support your abdomen, thus improving posture.
  • Braces relieve stresses from your back by taking some of the load off.
  • The strain on your spine due to labor-intensive tasks can be avoided.
  • Transitional movements (like bending your back to sit or pick up something) become more comfortable even when back pain strikes

However, everything has its own dose of risks. Back braces are not an exemption.

Risk factors for using back braces:

  • Long-term use of back braces may result in atrophy of the muscles that support your spine due to lack of use.
  • Seldom used ligaments have the tendency to get weak.
  • Misuse of back braces can cause even more pain or even injury.
  • When muscles and ligaments weaken, your spine can become vulnerable when you're not wearing your brace.

Final Thoughts

The back braces I've reviewed for you have one thing in common - they're simply valuable. If you're also suffering from back pains, sprains, or strains, you might want to give them a try. They're quality products from trusted brands, and they will significantly improve your chances of attaining great results.

In the past, back braces were only obtainable through physicians. But now, you can easily purchase them. These non-prescribed braces will allow you to get relief from your back pain at the affordable price.

This is Krys again, and I just couldn't be any happier with my results. I hope this review has helped you in your search for the right back brace. If you still haven't found the right back braces or back supports or back support belts that certainly appropriate for you, don't worry. As long as you keep the search, the right one is just around the corner.

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