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How to Properly Use a Tens Unit for Back Pain

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, commonly known as TENS, uses low voltage electricity for the treatment of back pain. The TENS unit is a battery-powered device which is small and portable. The electrical signals which are used to help the process of controlling pain.About TENS unitUsing a tens unit is very simple. This portable device can […]

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Causes of Lower Back Pain in Women

A severe lower back pain can make your life miserableIn the case of chronic pain, both men and women show a different response. In this case, both in number of affected person and variation of its nature, women suffers a lot compare to men mainly because of their pelvic structure, undergo pregnancy and several hormonal […]

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Best Exercises for Middle Back Pain

When there is a pain or a feeling of discomfort in the area of middle back where the rib cage is connected to the chest region, then it is said that a person is suffering from middle back pain. Middle back pain is generally chronic in nature. Aging can turn out to be the most […]

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Best Sleeping Positions for Lower and Upper Back Pain

Back pain is often seen among adults whose ages vary between 35 and 55 years but it can affect people of any ages. People who suffer from back pain undergo a severe pain and become uncomfortable. The way through which our muscles, bones and ligaments work and connect to each other, determines the chances of […]

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How to Live with Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic pain has now become easier with these simple steps:Chronic pain is something which leaves an impact in our day-to-day lives. It is quite different because a chronic pain tends to last for 4 to 6 months or more. There are several factors due to which a chronic pain arises. Living with chronic […]

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