Exquisite Form Fully Women’s Front Close Cotton Bra – Reviewed

Are you looking for the best plus size longline bra? The one you can wear under a dress with a low cut front and have no mismatch?Chances are high; you are already aware of the fact that most of the available posture bras do not support to be worn under a dress with a low cut front. This is why it might be hard to find one, but the Exquisite Form Fully Women’s Bra is one of such posture corrector bras that you can wear under the dress with a low cut front.

In this briefly written piece, you will learn about some of the features that make it a worthy buying bra.

Exquisite Form Longline Bra Review

Get the exquisite form front closure bra designed with a hook-and-eye front closure that is easy to close and an awesome looking bra for women. It is a wireless bra, made from 100% pure cotton that you will find comfortable to wear and will feel soft to your skin. This exquisite form longline bra as well comes with thick comfort straps designed to help alleviate the shoulder strain and prevent slipping. Likewise, its impressive looking lace detailing located at the top of silky and soft cups renders it a desired feminine cloth.

It will suitably match any sporting woman whether having large breasts. Wearing this bra, you will never encounter the disturbance of sucking breast that sometimes becomes an annoyance during gaming. The exquisite support bra is also a go for women who are suffering from arthritis and those looking for comfortable front –closing bras.

Indeed, this is an ideal pick for those looking for longline bras front closure. Below read about its features that make it stand out.

Made From 100% Cotton

The exquisite form front closure bras are the ideal posture corrector bra that fit any full figured women. It is made from 100% cotton, and this makes it machine washable. It is different from other corrector bras that are designed from a blend of cotton and other synthetic materials.

It’s Your Summer Bra

As you are a busy woman, you need a staying and comfortably dry bra that you can find ok to wear on all seasons, whether in summer or winter. You need a bra that can absorb the moisture from the breast and give the required warmth during winter. The longline front fastening bras like Exquisite is what you should pick. It is made to ensure that you stay comfortable during summer time. The cups are created from soft, absorbent, and breathable cotton that makes it wearable during the summer season.

Crisscross Powernet

This exquisite form longline bra for full figured women comes with a crisscross Powernet mesh at the back. The mesh will help straighten the shoulder and support the back. This kinda works for your back pain issues. So ladies suffering from pain in their back may consider this an edge over other counterparts as the best posture bras for back pain.


  • 100% cotton makes it breathable, comfortable, and machine washable. The bra is also comfortable even during the summer.
  • Multiple color choice comes in black, white or neutral color, so finding your favorite color is guaranteed through to some extent.
  • The reinforced Powernet mesh at the back provides enough support and enhances straight shoulders.
  • It accompanies an easy to close hook-and-eye closure, convenient front closure, and cushioned wider shoulder straps making it time-saving to wear.


  • I have heard some complaints from ladies that some of its hooks don’t tend to stay in positions all the time, and this makes the bra uncomfortable for them.
  • Furthermore, with the fact that it is made purely of cotton, those allergic to cotton will see no value in this bra. They should prefer synthetic exquisite form longline bra.

Some Commonly Asked Queries

Why should I buy the longline bra?

Wearing this bra will make you look appealing. It will give you a look like being on the perfect shape, be it on your wedding day or with a friend! Also, it outlines your body without suffocating you.

Will this bra run large after some time?

No, it will not run large. In most cases, it’s even a bit smaller than usual. It fits absolutely, and you will Love it. The way it provides and gives support to your stomach makes it an excellent bra.

Is this bra wireless?

Yes, it is wireless, and you will feel comfortable while wearing it.

Concluding Thought

This posture corrector bra has been designed to give the comfort and support you need. The longline front fastening bras realign the shoulder to the spine to provide the correct posture. While the comfort might be compromised when you choose the wrong longline front fastening bras, this bra guarantees the coziness regardless of whether you pick the correct size or not.

Its straps are adjustable. So, buy this bra and thank me later!

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Johnson - August 29, 2018

Thank you for the video. Very helpful information about Exquisite Form Fully Women’s Front Close Cotton Bra. I tried this bra for supporting my back and I found It’s a great and cost effective. Thanks again for sharing this nice precise info about this bra.


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