Leonisa Women’s Posture Corrector Wireless Back Support Bra

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “posture bra” and “posture corrector bra”?

You might know what they are. But do you precisely know what these bras do?

Well, a posture corrector bra normally has an “X” or crisscross design across the back. When you wear such bra, the back crisscross pattern gently forces your shoulder and spine into alignment.

This ensures that whether you are sitting, standing, or walking, you be in the correct posture.

With such benefits, it is obvious to feel the need of buying some. And, if you are not sure whether you can buy the right posture corrector bra or not, scroll down and read on!

In this wordy piece, we present to you a leonisa posture bra review that is different from many average leonisa posture bra reviews out there. 

Leonisa Posture Bra Review

The leonisa posture bra can perfectly fit any active woman. Its X back has been designed based on the Powerslim technology that will allow perfect back support and ensure the right posture throughout the day or during any activity.

It has double-layered contour cups that give a beautiful bust shape and good coverage.

Furthermore, it has a wireless, wide, under the bust band that is ideal for providing required support during exercise or when walking.

More so, with its wide adjustable straps, you will find it comfortable to wear, as it will provide the best support to the weight of your bust on shoulders.

This bra is wearable for several occasions; exercise, post breast surgery, maternity period, or when breastfeeding.

Now, let’s get into some of the highlights it brings within the box below;

It’s a Multi-purpose Bra

The leonisa posture bra is a well-known multitasking bra that is ideal for many occasions.

This bra offers excellent back support and is among the best posture corrector bras that you can get on the market today.

It’s a heavy-duty bra appropriate for women with large breasts who might experience shoulder, neck, and back pain.

The Leonisa posture support bra is also ideal for daily application or exercises. It offers the best support from its extended back and design that cares big breasts.

This bra is additionally appropriate for any woman who has undergone surgical procedures.

Well-Designed for Posture Correction

The leonisa posture bra gently forces the spine to the shoulders in the right position, and it has been well-designed for this purpose.

It has been outlined with full wireless formed soft materials. At the back, an X band gives extra support.

With this bra, be assured that your shoulders and back will be gently pushed and supported into the right alignment.

This will lessen any shoulder or back strain you might be feeling.

Durafit and Power Slim Technology

The Leonisa bra has been designed based on two techniques; the DuraFit® and   PowerSlim ®.

These two technologies make the bra long lasting and comfortable to wear. The bra additionally has adjustable straps, which make them fit and simple to wear.


  • Recover easily from surgery with the help of this well-designed Post-Surgery Bra. It packs and forces your bust gently to your body.
  • It prevents and reduces back pain. This bra is applicable if you are looking for a way to overcome that annoying back pain.
  • This bra is ideal for various occasions. You can wear it on daily activities, during exercise, or when you have undergone surgery.
  • Regardless of what you do, this bra offers the best support you can look in a posture support bra.
  • It is an astounding posture corrector bra that will correct your posture and always support your Back.


As it was designed to support women with large breasts, those with small can find it awkward to wear this bra. Specifically, the front end can suck.

Some Commonly Asked Queries about  Leonisa Posture Bra

  1. Is this bra machine washable?

Yes, it is made from fabrics that support machine washing. Therefore, you can machine-wash it in the regular cycle with other clothes.

  1. Can this bra help reduce side fat?

Of course, it will. As it covers a larger area than a typical bra and with less compression, it hides the side fat even when wearing a light shirt

  1. What should I do on buying the wrong size?

Return to your seller. However, before buying, I suggest, you first get a specialized fitting for your demands.

Concluding Thought

The leonisa posture corrector bra is an excellent option that you can spare a thought. Aside from the likelihood of buying the wrong size, this bra can give the right stance and support.

You will instantly feel comfortable wearing it, and whether you will be walking, seated, standing or working out, the outcomes will be evident.

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