How to Live with Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic pain has now become easier with these simple steps: Chronic pain is something which leaves an impact in our day-to-day lives. It is quite different because a chronic pain tends to last for 4 to 6 months or more. There are several factors due to which a chronic pain arises. Living with chronic pain is quite a challenging task. Aging affects your joints and bones. There are several nerve damages and injuries that often fail to heal. These are the reasons behind chronic pain. Back pain is one such example of chronic pain. Other types of chronic pain include arthritis pain, Neurogenic pain, postsurgical pain, headache, etc.

Living with pain

What are the reasons behind chronic pain?

It generally occurs after the various physical as well as nerve damages making the pain more intense and long-lasting. If the injury heals, the pain is gone. But in some cases, the pain remains for a longer period and the underlying problem arises the chronic pain. Some other reasons include-

· Inflammatory bowel disease- An inflammation in the digestive tract.

· Endometriosis- A condition in which it is seen that the uterine lining tends to grow outside the uterus.

· Vulvodynia- This chronic vulva pain has no cause for its occurrence.

How to live with chronic pain every day?

Living in pain is equal to living in vain. There are various ways through which you can learn how to live with chronic pain. Some of them are given below:

      Reduce stress: Reducing stress can turn out to be the best way to deal with chronic pain. Depression, anxiety and stress do nothing rather increase your pain. Try out different techniques such as soothing music which can calm and lift your mood. In this way, living with chronic pain becomes bearable and easier.

      Stop drinking alcohol: Alcohol could make your condition worse by increasing your pain. This increased pain creates sleeping issues. So drink less alcohol in order to improve your life.

      Getting a massage: People who are living with pain are often recommended to take massages. This could act as a pain reliever and at the same time reduces your stress and tension. You can try pure wave massager

      A healthy diet is very important: You all know that a balanced diet can maintain your body as well as keeps you healthy. A healthy diet is necessary to keep you away from the risk of heart diseases, maintain your blood sugar levels and aids your digestive system.

      Meditation: From the ancient times, medication has proved to be the best medicine. Through meditation, you can relax your body and ease yourself from stress and tension. The soothing power of meditation gives you relief from the chronic pain.

      Exercise: Keep exercising because it reduces the pain most of the occasions. Consult with your doctor about the right exercise routine and the appropriate exercise equipment like inversion table or you may use gaiam balance ball chair, if needed. 

Living with Chronic Back Pain

· People living with chronic back pain should not smoke.

· Join aerobic training class.

· Undergo several pain relief exercises.

Living with Chronic Neck Pain

People living with chronic neck pain should follow few rules in order to ease their pain.

· Make sure that your sleeping positions are correct.

· When you are using your phone, be careful. Because craning the neck down while using a phone could create unneeded strain.

· Consult your physical therapist in case of chronic neck pain.

· Try the ice therapy to reduce the numbness and tingling at the back of the head.

Living with chronic pain could reduce your strength and endurance. The pain in the affected areas gives you a burning or aching sensation. It also limits your mobility.

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