Best Exercises for Middle Back Pain

When there is a pain or a feeling of discomfort in the area of middle back where the rib cage is connected to the chest region, then it is said that a person is suffering from middle back pain. Middle back pain is generally chronic in nature. Aging can turn out to be the most common reasons for a middle back pain. When you encounter with a bad posture or sleeping problems, you are most likely to suffer from middle back pain.

Reasons for middle back pain:

  • Sometimes a sudden movement or lifting anything which is heavy could cause a sprain in your back muscle.
  • Slipped disk is a condition where the disk tends to put a pressure on the nerve thereby affecting the spine. Hence you undergo a middle back pain in the region of located slipped disk.
  • Wrong exercises for back pain targeting the wrong muscle might create the middle back pain and could increase the chances to lead the other parts of the body to strain.
  • Too much of exercising can put a lot of stretch for mid back pain. It can strain the muscles a lot.

How to get relief from middle back pain?

Exercises are the best medicine that a body needs. Proper exercise helps the entire body system works well. It not only keeps your body healthier and stronger but at the same time reduce the pain from various body locations. It is often seen that the mid back pain after exercise seems to get vanished. Some of the best exercises for middle back pain are listed below:

Cobra Pose for Back Pain

The cobra pose: At first, lie down on your stomach. Keep your face down and your hands underneath the shoulders. While inhaling and engaging your back muscles, slowly curl the chest. In order to deepen the stretch, press the hands. In this exercise, try giving the 90% of the bend from the back. Repeat it for two times by holding it for breaths and then realizing it.

Exercis for mid back pain

Sitting in a twisted position: Twists are a wonderful way which helps in the elongation of the spine thereby improving the flexibility and releasing the mid back pain. All you need to do is sit cross-legged. Then slowly bring your right hand and place it behind you whereas the left hand should touch your knee. Exhale and then gently twist to the right. Avoid twisting too aggressively. Repeat on the other side also. This exercise helps in stretching the middle back muscles.

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Stretching chest to heal mid back pain

Stretching the chest: Stretching Mid back is one of the best way to get relief from a painful mid back pain. To stretch your chest or mid back initially you need to stand in a slightly bent position. Then by clasping your hands, you should bring them behind your back and slowly extend your arms. Remember that while doing this exercise your head should not get strained.

cat pose exrecise

Stretching like a cat: Sitting like a cat with all your fours ensures that the overall weight of your body is evenly distributed in all the four parts of your body. Your back should be flat. Hold on to this position for 15 seconds and repeat again for at least three times.

Child Pose Exercise

The child pose: Kneel down and bend your head close to the ground as much as possible. Then just stretch your hands forward and backward. Repeat the process.

There are also some physical therapy exercises for middle back pain as well those are:

  • Deep tissue massage therapy
  • Hot and cold therapies
  • Using ultrasound to relief the mid back pain

You may try gaiam balance ball chair as your exercise chair. It's realy an awesome thing to get relief from back pain.

Doing several exercises and stretches, you can easily reduce or recover fully from your middle back pain. But before following any of the above process, you are highly recommended to consult a physical therapist for taking some advice.




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