Top 3 Pure Wave Massager Reviews 2018

Looking forward for a massager is indeed a good tool to get an effective muscular treatment? If positive, congratulation for being at the right page.  If you manage to get a top-notch massager in hands, the benefits are enormous. But the problem is, among all available massagers, it is difficult to choose the best one for sure.

In this Pure wave massager reviews, you’ll certainly find some of the essential blessings regarding perfect body massage. And to ensure that, we are here with three of the best pure wave massager.

We can assure you that each one of them will satisfy with their long-lasting service.

Pure wave massager is one trusted brand that are more of a modified massager than typical ones. To relieve tension or pain in muscles and joints, these massagers are of great use. What it mainly does is- it rubs and kneads the muscles to reduce the pain.  Pure wave massagers run with battery power along with some attachments. Being cordless in most cease, these ones are quite easy to operate and charge as well.

Our Best Choice

We highly appreciate and loved the features of three of the products in this pure wave reviews. But among all, if you ask us to select the best buy, we would go for Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager. Considering the performance, construction, mechanism and of course, the price-quality ratio, we found it to be the best pick of these pado pure wave massager reviews. Check it out by yourself-

Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager Body + Facial (Dual Mode) Review

pure wave cm7 massager reviews

With advanced technology and plenty of useful features, enjoy every massage through this pure wave massager. In fact, this one offers superior backup with faster release from pain and tension in a matter of moments.

Features and Benefits

  • Longer Backup along with Incredible Battery Power

This pado pure wave massager features a super powered battery in 2 cells. It includes a 7.2 V battery of lithium-ion 2200 mA which comes with greater durability.

You can get longer backup through the incredible battery power. It provides great backup during usage to deliver a smooth massaging service.

  • Cordless Recharge with Long Lasting Usage

The rechargeable cordless frame provides quite a faster charging in about 1 hour only. Therefore, you will get quite long and effective service.

You will get a continuous massaging for up to 180 minutes without the slightest interruption. You can even go for a week with a full charge through a usage of 20-30 min per day.

  • 6 Head Stick and Point Stick for Better Massage

You will get an ideal muscle recovery through the 6-head stick with stretch resistance. This pure wave CM7 massager breaks up adhesions and muscle knots through the point stick.

For shoulders, neck, thigh, backs, hamstrings and other parts of the body, it offers superior flexibility and motion. It reliefs pain and stiffness which triggers circulation improvement.

  • Superb Self Massaging through Air Cushioning Stick

There comes an air cushioning stick having a softer contact surface for the skin and the machine. You can use lotions or medical creams to provide a greater massage.

For both sensitive joints and other tendons, get a superior Swedish-style massage. You can easily get to reach and massage the points of heavy pain.


  • Includes Scalp stick with soft rubber tips help to release tensions.
  • Offers tightened and revitalized facial through the micro-vibration
  • Features trigger points for breaking up muscle adhesion and knots.
  • Comprises one vibratory of 3700 rpm for facial and deep massage.
  • Enables faster full charging in 1 hour through 2200 mA battery.
  • Declines injury with stretch resistance along with quick muscle recovery.
  • Careless usage may damage the battery pretty soon.
  • Trigger points may not hold good for specific users.

A perfect combination exists with this great tool and you will find no parallel one. Therefore, you should check it to get an incredible Swedish-style massage.

Pure-Wave CM5 Extreme Cordless Percussion Massager Review

pure wave back massager

Powerful battery and percussion motor come with the promise to relieve all your physical tensions and pains. With its incredible adjustment facility, you can take care of your massage session without the slightest problem. 

Features and Benefits

  • Greater Backup through Ergonomic Battery Power

This outstanding power massager features a powerful battery of 2 cells. In fact, it includes a 7.2 V battery of lithium-ion 2200 mA.

You can get longer power backup through the battery from this pure massage reviews. The battery provides a smooth massaging service without any trouble.

  • Faster Recharging along with Longer Serviceability

This provides a quick charging in only 1 hour. You will get longer and sufficient service through its appropriate usage.

Therefore, it offers continuous massaging up to 180 minutes. You can use for a week with a usage of 20-30 min/day without.

  • Point Stick with 6 Head Stick to Deliver Effective Massage

The pointing stick enables to break up adhesions and muscle knots. You will receive muscle recovery through the available 6-head stick.

For crucial parts of the body, this pure wave body massager can restore your lost motion. It reliefs pain and stiffness triggering greater circulation.

  • Air Cushioning Stick with Comfortable Contact Surface

The air cushioning stick comes with a rather soft contact surface. Usage of lotions or medical creams provides a greater massage.

For sensitive joints and tendons, you will get receive superior massage. You can reach the points of heavy pain with ease.

  • Durable Li battery offers 180-min service over 1-hr charging.
  • Features speed control adjustment for higher or lower massage.
  • Delivers deep massage with percussion motor of 3700 rpm.
  • Offers reliable aggressive therapy or soothing joints facility.
  • Provides quick charging in 1 hour through 2200 mA battery.
  • Comes with rechargeable cordless convenience frame.
  • The glove handle may slide down while using.
  • Intense massaging may reduce the motor power.

You will find this one very user-friendly with respect to its usage and carriage. Along with superior serviceability, this one offers you quality assurance.

Pure Wave CM3 Cordless Sports Massager Review


pure wave body massager reviews

Enjoy the utmost massaging facility along with this outstanding massager. Useful features facilitate a rather friendly device for indoor massage sessions with positive physical effects.

Features and Benefits

  • Cordless Convenience Enables Faster Charging

There comes cordless frame to deliver quick charging within 1 hour. This will save your time and give a better massage session.

Enjoy a massaging session for sufficient time with comfort. Needless to say, the cordless frame helps to use it anywhere at any time.

  • Percussion Therapy along with 3500 RPM Power

This pure wave back massager features a superb class-leading power motor. In fact, the vibratory motor of 3500 rpm comes with greater durability.

You can get effective massage through the powerful vibration. It provides great backup during usage to deliver a smooth massaging.

  • 6 Point and Trigger Attachment Delivers Satisfaction

You will get muscle recovery through the 6-point attachment. There are trigger attachments to enable further muscle treatment.

For sensitive parts of the body, it offers flexibility and motion. It reliefs pain and stiffness for circulation improvement.

  • Deep Tissue Massage Removes Chronic Pain

This incredible pure wave back massager comes with two included attachments. The rugged device allows reaching the pain point with comfort and ease.

Through the deep massage, you will get rid of the muscular pain. In addition, it offers mobility for the user taking away the chronic pain.

  • Trigger point attachments to encourage deeper massage.
  • Six point attachments for larger muscular massaging.
  • Power of top-class quality with single speed of 3500 rpm.
  • Versatile and ergonomic through cordless convenience.
  • Better massaging along with lightweight and rugged construction.
  • Increases mobility through physical tensions and chronic pain.
  • Heavy usage may reduce the power quite fast.
  • Trigger points may not hold good for some users.

Being a low priced product, you will not get all the features you want. But being a versatile one, this is something that you should consider while buying.

Comparison of These 3 Products

Pure Wave CM7, CM5 are quite similar in features but the last one is not. The first one offers a facial vibration motor allowing percussion and micro-vibratory massage. The second one comes with only percussion massaging while the Pure Wave CM3 enables vibration in terms of percussion. Various features are absent in the last one which is available in the first two points. Not to mention, the first comes with the highest price and the last one with the lowest. The 2nd one comes in the mid in terms of price.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Is the battery replaceable?

Answers: The pure wave massagers come with a built-in Li-ion battery which is not replaceable. Instead, they last quite long to serve.

Question: Are these 3 percussion or vibratory massager?

Answer: The first two ones – CM7 and CM5 are basically percussion massager, although the first one also contains vibration motor. The third one is said to be percussion though it functions like vibratory according to customers.

Question: Do all the aforementioned ones come with adjustable settings?

Answer: Only the CM5 comes with adjustment facility. The other two ones don’t have this.

Final Verdict

You need to choose the best and the most suitable one as per your requirement. Not to mention, all the aforementioned 3 comes with quality assurance to fulfill your demand with utmost satisfaction. In fact, you will get the best possible serviceability to treat your muscular portions of the body. Therefore, it is better to go for pure wave massager with these 3 to get rid of your muscle pain. And with that, you can enjoy a healthy and fit life for quite a long time.

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