Best Sleeping Positions for Lower and Upper Back Pain

Back pain is often seen among adults whose ages vary between 35 and 55 years but it can affect people of any ages. People who suffer from back pain undergo a severe pain and become uncomfortable. The way through which our muscles, bones and ligaments work and connect to each other, determines the chances of back pain. Let's discuss more about best sleeping position for lower and upper back pain.

best sleep positions for lower back pain

What causes back pain?

The various complex structures make the human back such as the muscles, bones, disks and ligaments. Disks are cartilage-like pads that act as cushions for the segment of our spine. If any problem arises with any one of the components, then this would lead to a back pain. For example, strained muscles or strained ligaments are the reasons behind back pain. These strains are often caused when you lift something too heavy or lift something in an improper manner. Sometimes ruptured disks and bulging disks cause more pressure on the nerves thereby leading to a severe back pain.

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What are the best sleeping positions when you suffer from back pain?

A back pain can be broadly classified into many categories such as the lower back pain, middle back pain and the upper back pain. People often find it difficult to sleep when suffering from a back pain. It is necessary to know the best sleeping position for back pain. If you end up sleeping in a wrong position, then your pain would increase rather than show signs of improvement. Its always better to consult your doctor whenever you look for the best way to sleep for back pain. Doing so could help you to uncover the cause of your symptoms of back pain and you could easily take the necessary measures accordingly.

Best Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain

Any problem in the area such as the ligaments around the disks and the spine, skin around the lumbar area, spinal cord and nerves, disks between the vertebrae and pelvic internal organs could lead to a severe pain in your lower back. When a person suffers from lower back pain then his lower back muscles are badly affected. There is a few best sleeping position for lower back pain. Some of them are listed below:

· People tend to sleep in various positions. For a back sleeper, the best position to sleep in for lower back pain all is by placing a pillow under your knees. When you do so, your spine maintains a natural curve. This keeps your lower back in the correct position while you sleep.

f you are a stomach sleeper, how to sleep for lower back pain? All you need to do is ease the back strain which is caused in your lower abdomen and pelvis area. You can do so by putting a pillow in your lower abdomen.

For a side sleeper, the best way to sleep for lower back pain is to put a pillow between your knees while your knees should be drawn slightly towards your chest.

Best Sleeping Position for Upper Back Pain

Tumours in the chest, spine inflammation or any other disorders in the aorta can be the reason behind your upper back pain. Some of the sleeping positions for upper back pain are given below:

· In order to reduce the pain, the best way to sleep for upper back pain is to avoid sleeping on your stomach.

When you sleep on your side, try to put a small pillow between your knees. This keeps your body aligned.

The best sleep position for back pain is when you are sleeping on your back. Try putting a rolled-up towel or a pillow behind your neck or you may use serola belt for extra comport during your sleeping.

Thus, knowing the sleeping positions for back pain can reduce the chance of suffering from severe back pain. Sleeping on the floor keeps your body aligned putting less strain on your neck and shoulders thus you fall asleep immediately. This, in turn, reduces your back pain.

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