Teeter Hang Ups Reviews and Buyer’s Guide- Updated For 2018

Inversion therapy has been around from the 1960s and even though there have been many skeptics who do not like them, they have made good strides in the medical world. The Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables are a little more intricate and they offer a new unbalanced movement feature, which could potentially help to alleviate those tough back pains and problems.

What makes these inversion tables stand out from the crowd is the fact that they are designed with inconsistent and unbalanced movements. The uncontrolled movements are designed to improve certain aspects of back pain and a few of the fundamental problems that one could associate with everyday life. Much like the normal inversion tables, the Teeter Hung Ups inversion tables are also known for their ability to improve the overall blood flow throughout the body.

We have decided to look a little deeper at these inversion tables and try to find the top teeter hang up inversion tables that you could find on the market today. We have also included a basic buyer’s guide that should make it a little easier for you when it comes to discerning and choosing the right teeter hang up tables.

Most of the Teeter Hang Ups model is a bit different than the other inversion tables available in the market. This makes them a little harder to pick for someone without an adequate knowledge to discern between good and unnecessary features. We also used this guide and the features in our process of selecting the best teeter hang ups inversion tables. 


Since weight plays a crucial role, you will need to take a close look at the weight limit that the inversion table offers. The construction should also carefully be looked at and you need to ensure that you do get the most durable that will last you for multiple years.


When the table has been set up, the stability factor is also fundamentally important and you will need to take the stability under heavy consideration. The risk of getting seriously injured can also come into play and this will be counter intuitive.

Spinal Adjustment

The more versatility you have when it comes to spinal adjustment, the better it will be for you. The spinal adjustment feature is crucially important and you will need to have multiple spinal adjustment options if you are looking to get the best possible value for your money. This will also ensure that you can get more of your body worked in the process.


The process of using the table should be smooth and you will need to ensure that you are comfortable when the inversion table is being used. This comfort factor is really important and you should definitely feel comfortable when you are using it. If the inversion table is not comfortable, you might also have more pains and problems.


Safety is one of the most important parts of the teeter hang ups inversion table that you could look for. Most of these tables have safety certification levels and these levels created Teeter Hang Ups brand so much trustworthy that might give you mental peace and make you confident when you use it.

These 5 features are fundamentally important and you definitely need to keep focusing on them if you want to get the best possible value or your money. Inversion therapy is all about safety and results and when you have these features in your inversion table, you will be safe and have results to help alleviate back pain and give you better blood flow.

Among all the available Teeter Inversion Tables exist in the market, we have picked and reviewed the top 4 models mainly based on users' satisfaction and quality features of these products compare to other inversion tables:

Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table Review

The Teeter EP-970 LTD is one of the top advanced inversion tables and this table works perfectly for those individuals with chronic back pain and constant problems. The inversion table is quite durable and it has been constructed from good high-quality steel materials, which make it perfect for those heavier individuals.

The main selling point that sets this table apart is the fact that the handles will give you great versatility. The inversion table does have a few acupressure nodes and these nodes are designed to penetrate deep into the skin and get to the softer muscle tissues. This is the best way that you can go about getting rid of those tough and stubborn lower back issues.

The inversion table also features a lumbar bridge and this bridge certainly makes a difference. This lumbar bridge will give you more flexibility and mobility, which could lead to better relief of those stubborn areas. The ankle system is very well designed and this will flex up and down to ensure that you are capable of getting a perfect position.

The Teeter Hang Ups 970 LTD commands a more expensive price than the others. There are a few cheaper models available, but since you get what you pay for, you should consider spending the extra money for a good inversion table. The only reason for the expensive price is the fact that the table features a few advanced grip technologies and the ankle system is a little different. This inversion table also includes a very decent 5-year warranty.


  • Extremely durable
  • Very stable design
  • Advanced technology for foot rollers and grip
  • Incredible flexibility


  • Quite expensive

Teeter EP-560- FDA-Cleared Inversion Table

The Teeter EP-560 Ltd is one of the top most inversion table mainly because of the specialty of of its quality features. This table could be an ideal choice for your home use that help you to alleviate some of the back pain of your everyday life. This table made in heavy gauge steel parts that give you decent durability and also offer you some stability when it is being used.

This table is really advanced and it also includes a few acupressure nodes. These nodes will bring immediate relief to any form of back pain and you might also find it useful when you have those deeper tissue muscle spasm that could potentially cause a lot of discomfort for you when you need to go through life every day.

The weight limit on this table is around 300lbs and this will be enough for most average to overweight individuals. The table has also been certified and this will definitely make things much better in terms of giving you peace of mind and ensuring that you have decent stability. Thus inversion table also features an EZ-tether that will give you the opportunity of adjustment. You will be able to choose between the 20, 40, or 60 degrees settings, which should give you great versatility.

The price of Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Ltd is not that expensive. We believe that you should be able to get great value for your money if you make the investment. The inversion table also comes with a very good 5-year warranty and the table can be self-assembled as well. The expert assembly option is also available, but this is a little more expensive and you will need to dole out a lot of cash if you want it expertly assembled.


  • Extremely durable
  • Great versatility
  • Impressive stability
  • Includes acupressure nodes
  • Really affordable


  • Might be uncomfortable for many

Teeter Contour L5 Inversion Table Review

Not every inversion table out there is as good as they advertise. But in case of Teeter Contour L5 Inversion Table, that’s not true. Thanks to the brand Teeter, who’d managed to create a well-balanced, functional teeter hang up with strong structure. And for all of these reasons, this product made its place in our top teeter hang up reviews of this year.

As it’s a hang up product, you need to ensure proper balance and your control over it. This product from teeter will get a 10/10 on that point. Because the one click balance feature will allow you to transform among different balance points. Also, it works for users of any height, shape and size.

Moving forward, the next feature that caught our attention is, it’s enormous structure. The frame is built of superb metal strength. In addition, the sleek and compact design will be a plus to accommodate you on it. Moreover, the curve of the front leg rest will help you to mount and dismount on it easily.

Also, there are some other features that we liked about Teeter Contour L5 Inversion Table. The preset rotation control will help you control the device at any state. Also, three angle variations (20, 40 and 60 degrees) will help users to find their comfort zone easily.

In a nutshell, we loved the way this product is built, functioned and calibrated. Hope you’ll like it as well.


  • A good fit for users of any size and weight.
  • The ankle lock has got longer handle.
  • Sleek and strong frame design.
  • 20, 40 and 60 degrees of inversion angles.
  • One click balance control. 
  • Patented pivot system.
  • No need to remove the bed from the frame.


  • The material quality isn’t the best in the market.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Review

Last but certainly not least, we have the Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion table. This inversion table is another high-end inversion table that will make it easy for you to get some great value for your money. This inversion table has been constructed from great steel. The table also includes a plastic covering that is very impressive and will add to the overall structure durability.

The patented flex technology will allow you to reach those tougher areas of the back. This should be perfect for those with a few stubborn back problems. The low friction surface will also give you optimal stretching and you should be able to move very easily on the inversion table. The added tether strap will give you preset angles and this should be perfect for ensuring that you do get that safe experience.

The pricing is one of the great advantages when choosing this inversion table. The inversion table is quite affordable and will be a great buy. The warranty is quite similar to all the other and you will also have a great 5-year warranty that should keep you protected from any damage that might occur. We highly recommend this inversion table to those who are looking to get some great value for their money.



  • Extremely durable
  • check
    Good versatility and mobility
  • check
    Very flexible
  • check
    Good warranty
  • Might lack comfort

Freauently Asked Question and Answer (FAQ) on Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables

Q: Are Teeter Inversion tables FDA cleared?

A: Yes! All Teeter inversion tables are FDA Cleared.

Q: Does the teeter inversion table fold for storage?

A: Yes, Disassembly does not required! Storage dimensions for teeter are 20″ x 29″ x 66″.

Q: How much space will you need?

A: The fully assembled dimensions teeter inversion table are 60” x 29” x 59”. The main footprint (set at the tallest height setting of 6’6”) is 87” x 29” x 85”.

Q: Do you have to invert to a full 90 degrees to get the full benefits?

A: No! Benefits start at a mild angle of 20 degrees. To fully decompress the spine, work up to 60 degrees. The Angle Tether allows the user to easily pre-set the angle of inversion so you never go farther than you want.

Q: How often should you invert?

A: Consistency is more important than duration. Inverting several times a day is recommended. Inversion is great for waking-up, get well after a workout, or de-stressing before bed.

Q: How long should You invert?

A: Quite a few minutes is all maximum people need to fully decompress. It depends on your body.

Q: Is there any health issue that would prevent you from inverting?

A: Almost anyone can get benefit from using a Teeter inversion table on a regular basis. Most normally healthy anybody is able to invert. You should ask your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Final Verdict

We would like to thank you for reading teeter hang ups reviews and we certainly do hope that you managed to find the ideal Teeter Hang Ups inversion table that you might need. Please share your thoughts on our selection in the comment section below and let us know if you think we might have missed any of your favorites.

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