Causes of Lower Back Pain in Women

A severe lower back pain can make your life miserable. In the case of chronic pain, both men and women show a different response. In this case, both in number of affected person and variation of its nature, women suffers a lot compare to men mainly because of their pelvic structure, undergo pregnancy and several hormonal factors. Among those chronic pain, lower back pain is the common one. Women suffer from lower abdominal pain due to several issues related to reproductive tract problems. This abdominal pain leads to lower back pain and you should never ignore such pain.

What causes lower back pain in women?

The most common cause of lower back pain in women is the regular common injuries especially for muscle sprain or strain. It may occur mainly due to improper lifting techniques and wrong sleeping position. Some other reasons are as follows:

Nerve irritation: 

When there is a mechanical pressure due to a disease or by bones and other tissues in the lumbar region, the nerves of the lumbar region are disturbed instantly from their roots at the spinal cord to the skin surface. As a result, a pain in the lower back is occurred.

Pelvic inflammatory disease:

This type of disease is mainly found in women and the infection is relate to the reproductive organs, which may include the ovaries, uterus or the fallopian tubes. This sexually transmitted disease can infect the cervix as well when the cervix comes into contact with other things. The bacteria can cause inflammation in the structure and thereby it creates a lower back pain.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm:

It turns out to be one of the major lower back pain causes in women. When the aneurysm ruptures, it causes internal bleeding and the abdominal aorta creates a pain in the lower back.

What causes lower left back pain in women?

· During pregnancy, women can suffer from lower left back pain because of the growth of uterus and it creates a pressure on the nerves and other organs. This pain keeps on increasing and gradually expand into the hip to right leg as well. You may try serola belt during pregnancy for you back support.

· Diverticulitis causes a severe lower left back pain in women as well. As you age, the left side of your abdomen tends to develop small pouches along the walls of the colon. Bacteria accumulate and thus an infection is formed.

· Continuous pulling on a particular muscle for a prolonged period of time could create a muscle strain in the lower left back area.

What causes lower right back pain in women?

Appendicitis: Located on the lower right-hand side of the abdomen, sometimes the appendix ruptures and starts leaking. This causes a sudden abdominal pain as the appendix becomes inflamed thereby creating a lower right back pain in women.

Sometimes the occurrence of kidney stone can cause a kidney infection. As the stone moves through the uterus and enters the kidney, you might notice blood while you urinate. When the infection occurs on the right side of the kidney, it gives rise to a lower right back pain in women.

Women have various reproductive organs located in the pelvis. Any gynecological disorder can cause a pain in the lower right back. For example, abnormal menstruation, endometriosis and fibroid are the main causes.

No matter what, the back pain can be treated effectively with exercise. Herbal therapy turns out to be one of the other better remedies to treat back pain in women. A proper massage therapy and the stress-relieving aromatherapy can also reduce the lower back pain.

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